Rec GymOur recreational program is a progressive program where the students learn super fun body strengthening exercises, flexibility activities, and basic gymnastics skills in a wild, yet structured atmosphere. Gymnastics is the fundamental background for overall fitness and serves as a stepping stone for any other athletics your child may wish to pursue in the future. We offer a safe, fun, age appropriate environment for each child to develop their own skills.

Our mission here at OOA Gymnastics is to build healthy, happy, responsible children offering them a positive experience they can benefit from throughout their lives. Our OOA girls and boys gymnastics programs are based and structured on the U.S.A.G. curriculum. The skills of tumbling, swinging, balancing, jumping, rhythm, and eye-hand coordination are all included in our eight week session of gymnastics. Some of the psychological qualities that are developed through the sport of gymnastics are: high self-esteem, physical courage, determination, perseverance, expressiveness and self confidence.

Make-Up Policy:  Make-Up Policy: Similar to college class, your tuition pays for a class spot regardless of attendance. Therefore, we strongly urge students not to miss their scheduled class if at all possible. Make-ups are a privilege not a policy. OOA, as a courtesy, will offer 1 make-up per session if the make-up is available and will not jeopardize the safety or integrity of a class. All make-ups must be made during the current 8 session you’ve registered for. You must contact the office to schedule your make-up. If a make up is not available (other classes full) an Open Gym Pass (1 per session) will be available for class missed. (Please check our Open Gym Schedule) Refunds and Credits for missed classes are also not available. Please notify the office if you know you will be missing as early as possible to allow someone else to schedule a make-up or trial class in your child’s spot.

  1. Beginning, 6-12 years – This is our beginning level class which meets for one hour one time per week. It is structured for children who have never done gymnastics before. Safety is always first. In the Flips class your child will learn the basic required skills on all apparatus along with gyBend Oregon Recreational Gymnastics for Boysmnastics terminology. Boys and girls classes are separate or co-ed when specified.
  2. Intermediate, 7-13 years – This recreational class is an invitation only class. It is designed for the older student and for girls who have progressed to the point that they are confident in many of their skills, but are still missing some key elements to move to pre-team. The focus is to provide a fun, low pressure atmosphere in which the girls can learn how to work well with oth
    er ages, listen to an instruct
    or, gain coordination and continue to improve their gymnastics skills through flexibility and balance.
  3. Advanced, 9-13 years – This recreational class is an invitation only class.  It is geared toward the older student who is skill ready to move onto team but may not want to compete immediately.  Class is a bit more intense, it focuses on learning routines with higher level skills preparing students
  4. T-n-T: Tumbling & Trampoline, 21-21 years – One of our most popular classes for cheerleaders, snowboarders and wake boarders interested in learning tumbling skills, this tumbling and trampoline class allows students of all abilities and interests to learn from scratch, improve and/or perfect their skills.
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