About the OOA Booster:

The OOA Booster is a non-profit 501c(3) organization dedicated to promoting the sport of gymnastics and encouraging opportunities for a competitive gymnastics experience. The goal of OOA Booster is to make gymnastics accessible to all by helping offset the costs of participation, provide gymnastics instruction and education for athletes, and to bring awareness of the sport to the community. The OOA Booster membership includes all parents/guardians of and team members who are on the competitive team

As a parent athlete organization we would like to raise money to help offset the cost of competitive gymnastics. That said our goal is not to just raise money for our kids. It is to promote gymnastics, team building, and community.

Please note OOA Booster is a SEPARATE entity from OOA Gymnastics any Blooster concerns should not be brought to the owner or managers of OOA Gymnastics. OOA Gymnastics is the gym to which your child belongs and participates on team; OOA Booster is the booster club which supports the children participating on the team by raising funds and helping coordinate team-building events.

If you need to contact the OOA Booster, you may email them at ooabooster@gmail.com.


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