OOA Gymnastics is the only gym in Bend, Oregon to offer a boys competitive program. Our Boys’ team programs constantly produces Oregon State champions, with our optional boys competing at the National levels. We are fortunate to have great coaching, encouraging our boys to work hard to achieve their dreams and helping them learn the necessary skills to move the next level… and win.

Our boys program starts at age six, allowing our boys to compete at a young age in order to train high-level athletes competing for National exposure. At all levels our boys focus on hard work, consistent coaching in a safe environment, and most of all we let them have fun and love the sport of gymnastics.

The boys on our competitive team practice 2-5 nights per week year round, depending on their level, and competition season is from January-April. Each of our boys that choose to compete must register for a USAG Membership.  Following is a description of each of the boys team levels we offer at OOA Gymnastics:

  • Pre-team: This program combines our level 2, and level 3 students together who are aspiring to become competitive gymnasts. This class meets twice a week for 1.50 hours.
  • Level 4 Team: Our boys level 4 team trains 2 days per week for 3 hours each training period.  All level 4 members must have passed our level 3 requirements to move to level 4.
  • Level 5 and 6 Team:  At this level training becomes more serious. These boys train 3 days a week for 3 – 3.5 hours each training period. To become a level 5 team member you must have passed our level 4 requirements. At this level the boys can qualify at State to compete at Regionals.
  • Level 7 Team:  Practice becomes more demanding with 4-5 days and 3 – 3.5 hours each training period. Each of these levels have similar requirements with Level 7 being more specific to harder skill requirements.  To become a Level 7, all requirements must be met by the gymnast before moving up.
  • Level 8 Team: This is the first of the optional levels where the boys begin to develop their own routines.  At this level the competitor has the opportunity to qualify up to Nationals.
  • Level 9 and 10 Team: Level 9 gymnasts have a greater degree of difficulty required than level 8’s. Level 10 is the highest level in Men’s gymnastics.

We have a successful boys program at OOA Gymnastics. In 2017 we had multiple state champions and regional event champions. We currently have boys competing at every level 4-10.


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